Simultaneous Interpretation Services

ProLingo's comprehensive approach to project planning and prompt delivery of professional equipment and services can save you thousands of dollars as well as hours of wasted effort. Interpretation goes beyond simple fluency in multiple languages. When simultaneous interpretation is done correctly, all attendees feel included and the event runs seamlessly without disruptions to the program flow. Whether you prefer analog or digital consoles, portable RF or IR receivers, full-size or table-top interpretation booths, our products deliver clear sound to all attendees, no matter how many languages or rooms are in use. Let our experienced project leader handle your upcoming conference, meeting or special event.  

Interpreters - Equipment Rentals*

ProLingo provides world-class interpreters and state-of-the-art equipment to assure every message is delivered exactly as intended. Let us save you money by supplying:

Our simultaneous interpretation equipment is custom-built to ProLingo's specifications to deliver affordable solutions for events of all sizes. Visit our Industries Page to learn more about specific applications by industry type. Below is a list of annual US events managed by ProLingo's technical and interpretation teams.



US Location Languages, ENG. &: Industry Equipment Utilized
Orlando, FL GER, SP, FR Nonprofit 21 booths, 2500 receivers
New York, NY POR, SP Retail up to 14 booths, 1500 IR receivers
Los Angeles, CA GER, FR, SP, IT Optical 4 table tops, 50 receivers
Las Vegas, NV JP, CH, KOR IT 8 booths, 200 receivers
Dallas, TX SP, POR, CHI, JP, KOR IT 10 booths, 160 receivers
Chicago, IL SP, POR Retail 8 booths, 850 receivers
Washington, DC SP, POR, GER, FR, IT Government 5 booths, 500 receivers
Boston, MA RUS Government 2 booths, 100 receivers
New Orleans, LA FR, SP Government 2 booths, 120 IR receivers, AV
Atlanta, GA RUS Government 2 booths, 100 receivers
San Francisco, CA JP, CH, KOR IT 3 booths, 200 receivers
San Diego, CA by client MLM 8 booths, 200 receivers
Miami, FL SP, JP, FR F & B 3 booths, 80 receivers
Salt Lake City, UT SP, IT, RUS, THAI MLM 4 booths, 1000 receivers
Phoenix, AZ by client MLM 4 booths, 130 receivers
Denver, CO by client Transportation 1 booths, 120 receivers
St Louis, MO by client Spiritual 3 booths, 160 receivers
Baltimore, MD by client Manufacturing 1 booth, 500 receivers
Maui, HI SP, POR, GER, FR, IT, CHI, KOR, JP IT 8 table tops, 200 receivers


Fair Price Guarantee

Get a free quote today for interpreting services or equipment for your next event. With worldwide buying power, we can pass along great savings to you while delivering the most efficient results anywhere in the world. We have it all at the best price and with unparallel customer service and support. When you choose ProLingo, you get an internationally-experienced partner that has provided simultaneous interpretation solutions at small and large venues across the country and around the world.


*Buy or rent simultaneous interpretation equipment, push to talk microphones, portable listening devices, interpreter's booths and audience response systems.

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Prolingo Client Testimonials

We recently acquired the service of ProLingo for our multinational medical based technology conference. This was our first multinational conference and the event went flawless thanks to the impeccable service form the ProLingo staff. - R. Sanchez, San Diego
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5 / 5 stars