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Advantages of Using an Audience Response System

April 21, 2016

Audience response systems (ARS) create an interactive relationship between a presenter and his or her audience. Using ARS in multilingual meetings and conferences can provide huge benefits and can help your organization gain valuable insight into how attendees really feel about important issues. In turn, delegates and attendees get a better understanding of an overall group reaction. Generally speaking, polling makes the event more interesting, productive and engaging by collecting feedback in real-time.

Regardless of the number of languages being used, there is a natural tendency for attendees to answer based on crowd psychology. After all, most people have a subconscious need to feel that their thoughts are in-line with that of the group. In addition to anonymity of opinions, key benefits for using an audience response system include:

  • Improved Presentation Environment
  • Increased Attendance at Meetings
  • Higher Attention Level for the Audience
  • More Participation thru Better Engagement
  • Increased Feelings of Group Interaction
  • Quality Delivery of Important Information
  • Improved Learning Process
  • Immediate Feedback and Assessment
  • Creation of a Fun Environment for Attendees

Due to the anonymity provided by each audience response keypad, hand raising is eliminated making it much easier and much quicker to determine how attendees honestly feel. Plus, the electronic calculation of results are immediate, which helps a presenter respond and adjust to needed changes.

In conclusion, using an audience response system allows an organization to gather valuable information that would have been very difficult to get in any other way. To learn more about the real time gathering and instantaneous evaluation of anonymous multilingual responses, contact the language experts at ProLingo.

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Everything was well prepared by the ProLingo staff, so we were able to start our meeting promptly. The technician was great to work with and the interpreters were very professional and were positive and engaged even so we ran into some overtime. We will hire ProLingo for all our interpretation needs, no matter where our events take place.
- S. Chung, Harvard Club NYC

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