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Polyglot World Conference Attendees Head to Fukuoka Japan

September 19, 2019

Multiple language speakers from around the world will meet in Fukuoka, Japan, on October 18-20 to discuss language-learning techniques as well as explore how polyglots can best apply their unique skills in innovative and exciting ways. Polyglots understand that learning a language is much more than merely sitting in a classroom and memorizing a new vocabulary. It is, however, unfortunate that this is the way most school learners study a language as well as how most language teachers were trained. Polyglots today are seeking new language learning strategies that focus on understanding a different way of thinking about the unique cultural influences of verbal communications.

This is the seventh year for The Polyglot Conference, which is the original event for language lovers worldwide that was designed to spread the message of multilingualism to a global audience. The venue is set on the beautiful campus at Kyushu Sangyo University, which is accessible from downtown Fukuoka via a fifteen-minute train ride. Although by definition a polyglot is someone who speaks multiple languages, there is no minimum requirement for attendance. Events are designed for translators, interpreters, professionals, linguists, scholars, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, and anyone who loves language. If you wish to look into sharing accommodation with other participants, you can connect and coordinate with them via the Polyglot Conference Facebook page.

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Diverse Language Seminars and Workshops

The Polyglot Conference 2019 consists of two days of language seminars and workshops on diverse subjects with a stellar list of speakers. Topics include discussions about individual and language families, workplace applications for polyglot skills, and the latest research into polyglottery. Some of the language topics at this year's conference include:

  • Changing Image of Language Learning In a World of Smartphones
  • How Much Does It Cost to Raise Bilingual and Multilingual Children
  • Effective Changes at the Intersection of Technology and Language Activism
  • How to Learn Minority, Endangered and Indigenous (MEI) Languages
  • Leveraging Human Intelligence in Business Through Language
  • Language, Gender and Social Media's Rules for Online Usage
  • Holistic Language Learning Through Cultural Immersion
  • Acquiring Languages Without a Clear-Cut Subject & Object Paradigm

In addition to the normal activities, this year's Polyglot Conference will have a day dedicated to a language exchange event for speakers interested in spending time with other conference participants as well as students at the host university. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, contact event organizers at PolyglotConference@gmail.com.

photo courtesy of Dziobek Portfolio

Client Spotlight

Everything was well prepared by the ProLingo staff, so we were able to start our meeting promptly. The technician was great to work with and the interpreters were very professional and were positive and engaged even so we ran into some overtime. We will hire ProLingo for all our interpretation needs, no matter where our events take place.
- S. Chung, Harvard Club NYC

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