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Signs That Your Business Needs Translation Services

December 15, 2015

Did you start out your company as a small business venture and grew it into something much bigger over the years? Small business owners have to make do with whatever means are available. However, as time goes on, you might find that your business has grown large enough to warrant spending some more money on things that were initially unnecessary, such as translation services. 

Here are a few signs that you might need translation services for your business:

  • Are you located in a place with a high percentage of minorities?  If your business is located in an urban area, you’re probably more likely to attract minorities which speak languages other than English. 
  • Do you run a business that is geared towards a particular minority?  Certain businesses might appeal to a wide range of cultures, but there are some that might only appeal to certain minorities. 
  • How is your business developing?  Sometimes, businesses start out with the intention of appealing to a wide audience but later become more specialized. 
  • Where do you see your business in five or ten years?  If you see yourself growing quite a bit and appealing to groups of people who speak different languages, you may need to get translation services before this growth takes place.  It’s always a good idea to be prepared for future clients so you won’t be caught by surprise.
  • Do you see your business going overseas?  This is also another idea which will require you to look into the future.  Sometimes, people think that they run the kind of business which will never go overseas, such as a restaurant.  But even in the case of restaurants, it’s possible that your business may get to be so popular that you’ll take it abroad. 

So whether your business is still in its initial stage or has already developed quite a bit, there are certain signs that you might need translation services. ProLingo can help you be prepared for business growth and expansion. Contact us today at 800-287-9755.

Client Spotlight

Your onsite technician was the exact definition of the word professional. The sound quality was outstanding and it was expressed to me that all interpreters did an outstanding job. Keep up the great work!
- C. Parchy, CEO

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