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Translating Business in the Growing Global Marketplace

October 20, 2017

Ever close your eyes and spin a globe before stopping its rotation with your fingertip? It would be nice if unearthing the right opportunities to grow your business were that easy. For many businesses, international expansion may not be necessary but the risk of declining domestic markets has caused some companies to explore opportunities for expanding their potential for future growth. However, there is one big difference in doing business in the United States as compared to the global village, the language. International expansion demands a working knowledge of the language and culture.

Entering the global arena to compete in another country's marketplace is loaded with peril. Not only do you face major "ups and downs" with currency fluctuations, it is important to partner with someone who understands how your concept will work in a foreign land. After all, the height of ignorance is to expect other people to learn our language in order to buy from us. Listed below are important language-related issues to consider:

1)  Adapting to One or More Languages

2)  Respecting Unique Cultural Differences

3)  Understanding Foreign Consumer Expectations

4)  Delivering Quality through Expert Translations

5)  Maintaining Consistency across Cultural Barriers

6)  Positioning Your Brand for Repeat Business

Moreover, it is important for effective translation to be a built-in component of your business from expertly translated documents to language appropriate signage. Selecting the right source for professional interpretation and translation can be critical for success. By demonstrating a true respect for the most minute details, you’ll see a far greater return in terms of satisfied customers and ongoing business. Remember, poorly translated materials are often worse than no translation at all.

If you expanding into an international marketplace, contact Prolingo to discuss your needs for making multilingualism an effective core value of your business.

Client Spotlight

I simply gave Rosie a list of the various languages, the estimated number of attendees and a description of the room layout. In a very short period of time I had a detailed quote with multiple options in my inbox. We host monthly meetings and ProLingo never fails to impress.
- K.H., The Darden Group

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