Microphone Discussion Systems

Only professional conferencing systems are equipped to deliver the highest quality audio performance in a multiple-table microphone setup. At ProLingo, we provide secure and discrete solutions for roundtable and classroom-style discussions at both small and large venues. Our wired or wireless push-to-talk microphones feature an illuminating red light ring and on-board speakers to eliminate the need for a hard-to-use external public address system. Plus, you can choose to rent or purchase a system backed by our "fair price guarantee".


ProLingo Conferencing Systems

From small boardroom discussions to large general sessions, we can accommodate any number of Push-to-Talk microphones and power control units to accomplish a seamless setup in a matter of minutes. With superb-sounding audio and a very professional look, our conference microphone systems offer numerous features to include:

We offer economical solutions for the most common problems. Please continue to browse to learn more about optimizing the sound quality at your next meeting by enabling participants to communicate clearly with each other.


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Whenever your needs require the best technology and push to talk (PTT) microphone equipment, ProLingo is the professional choice. Our manufacturers, partners, and technicians consistently provide high quality products and service. Eliminate "content loss" that is often associated with sound board operations. We make the best simultaneous interpretation technologies accessible to our customers at a price they can afford. Get a free quote today for a microphone system designed to meet the specific demands of your attendees or delegates.


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Prolingo Client Testimonials

Everything was well prepared by the ProLingo staff, so we were able to start our meeting promptly. The technician was great to work with and the interpreters were very professional and were positive and engaged even so we ran into some overtime. We will hire ProLingo for all our interpretation needs, no matter where our events take place. - S. Chung, Harvard Club NYC
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5 / 5 stars