Translation Equipment

Delivering "native language" interpretations for any audience requires the right translation equipment to isolate the sound of the presenter as well as the translator. Our simultaneous interpretation systems enable multilingual presentations, discussions, workshops and group tours to be expressed in any language without confusion or unwanted time lags. At ProLingo, we offer affordable solutions for broadcast/listening systems that can handle any number of participants for small or large-scale events.

Translation Equipment Configurations

Effective multilingual meetings require the right equipment configuration and an awareness of the countries, cultures, and regional styles for interpretation. Our goal is to deliver cost-effective solutions for Radio Frequency (RF) and Infrared (IR) audio systems for numerous group applications, such as:

No matter the size of your event, our audio technicians are always available for online, phone or onsite support of any brand or model of translation equipment that you select. Our team's goal is to make certain every presenter's message is delivered to your audience exactly as stated without hesitation or confusion.


Excellent Pricing for Rentals and Sales*

Whether you are renting or looking to buy, ProLingo has the latest equipment technologies to ensure your interpretations are accurately conveyed by delivering clear, concise messages every time. Not only do we offer the top brands in the industry, our experienced team of event experts can bundle equipment packages to fit any budget. We also provide low-cost shipping to any city in North America from our multiple equipment storage locations. Contact us today to learn how creating a custom solution for your business or organization can help to guarantee your event's success.


*Rent or buy interpretation and translation equipment, push to talk microphones, portable listening devices, interpreter's booths and audience response systems.

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As a meeting planner and assistant to our corporate senior executives, I know the importance of having a reliable company assist with our world wide meetings. AVPUSA served our needs in every way. The director, Steven Roberts handled all the details. The staff was on time, friendly and the equiptment was top notch and our meetings went off and were executed without a hitch. I would highly reccomend Audio Visual Partners USA.
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5 / 5 stars